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    Aspiring4Excellence is a coaching and training company that works with adults and young people to help them achieve their goals and aspirations.

    Aspiring4Excellence’s aim is for individuals to achieve professional excellence through personal power.  Through our programmes you will develop and enhance skills required to be successful in life and your careers.

    Aspiring4Excellence offers a wide range of Programmes for both students and teachers from one-to-one sessions to group workshops.

    As part of Aspiring4Exellence's belief in young people, a challenge was set for a team of IT students to create this website.

    "Being the team leader I understand that I had a very important role to play when creating the website. The main factor in which I gained from this is EXPERIENCE as I know that in the future the skills that I have learnt will become useful to me. I have learnt that working in a team can sometimes give you problems but at the same time can help you grow confidence in yourself. Overall I enjoyed working on this project and I hope to do more work like this in the future so that I can develop even more skills that will help me later on in life." Rajan Tailor, Student (Sir George Monoux College)

    "Apart from gaining “Work” experience I have learnt that team work plays a huge roll in a job. It is your team that inspires you to do great and it is your team that gives you better and greater ideas when you need them. Working in these conditions made me realise that everybody has different sets of individual skills. Also doing this job has given me a great sense of achievement and accomplishment!" Hasan Younas, Student (Sir George Monoux College)