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    All Saints Primary School

    Archbishop Lanfranc School

    Bacons College

    Brindishe Green Primary School

    Bromley High School

    Christ the King 6th Form College

    City of London Academy Islington

    Clapton Girls Technology College

    Coulsdon College

    DeLucy Primary School

    Deptford Green School

    Driffield School - Yorkshire

    Farborough Primary School

    Haverstock Business & Enterprise School

    Holy Cross School

    Kemnal Technology Academy

    Kings School - Peterborough

    Leytonstone Business & Enterprise School

    Linton Park School

    Mayflower High School

    Myatt Garden Primary School

    Newstead Wood School

    Orpington College

    Sir George Monoux 6th Form College

    St Johns C.E. Primary School

    St Joseph's College

    St Josephs Primary School

    St Martins-in-the-field High School

    Surbiton High School

    Swanlea School

    Thomas Tallis School

    Tower Hamlets College

    Trinity School - Lewisham

    Trinity School - Belvedere

    Woolwich Polytechnic Boys School


    “Writing the CV because I thought I could not do it, but when I got into it, I found it ok. Understanding how to act in an interview and what to expect".Yr 10 Student City of London Academy Islington

    “I learnt about different roles in a business and what they did.  I also enjoyed working with other people and having a lot of interactive stuff”. Yr 9 Student Linton Park School (Maidstone)

    “Everything was excellent” It got you working hard and keeping to a time limit. 
    I learnt a lot more about business and as Finance Manager I realised how to control money in a business”.   Yr 10 Student Linton Park School (Maidstone)

    “The students were motivated from the start.  Clear rules and guidelines from the trainers.  Enough information for the students to work with.  The students enjoyed their day.  Interactive, hands-on.  A pleasure to watch the students”.  Teacher, Linton Park School (Maidstone)

    “I learnt how to be more professional and the event gave me a better knowledge of how business works.  I enjoyed the team work and it gave me confidence”.   Fresher’s week Student, Tower Hamlets College Student

    “The programme taught students the importance of punctuality and attendance and having to complete tasks on time.  Students learnt how to organise themselves, plan and participate in various roles.  The students developed good team working and presentation skills and understanding about business”. Business Studies Teacher, Tower Hamlets College

    I learnt how to co-operate and work in a team and also how peoples’ strengths play a role in how well they do some tasks.  I learnt that body language and eye contact is very important and developed some basic coaching skills which would help me in the future".  Year 9 Student, Trinity Independent School (Croydon)

    "Understanding of enterprise, being a team player and time management.  How to work as a team and successfully design, build and publish a product” Year 11 Student, St Josephs College (Croydon)

    “I learnt that paying taxes are a painful job. I also learnt how to save carefully, never get a loan shark and many risks of using a credit card”.  Year 10 Student, St Josephs College (Croydon)

    "Excellent presentation style - very quickly observed the individual students and delivered it personally.  "Great work by Presenter".  Teacher, St Josephs College (Croydon)

    “Awareness of the wider issues of finance, terminology, pitfalls of certain financial areas” Teacher, St Josephs College (Croydon)

    “It was thoroughly enjoyable.  It was not tedious – always interesting.  I learnt how to save money and how to make good investments.  I learnt financial language such as AER and APRs”.  Year 11 Student, Leytonstone School

    “Students were more aware of using money as an effective tool and the importance of planning effectively.  Some of the content will be useful in lessons to aid the students in functional maths skills”.  Teacher, Leytonstone School

    “I learnt about enterprise, different business jobs and a bit more about profit”.  Year 5 Student, Farnborough Primary School (Bromley)

    “The immediate outcomes for the students were they gained confidence, gained team work skills and a better understanding of the world of work”.  The Children all enjoyed the day, even those who hate to speak publicly.  The activities were fun and motivating.  Thank you for such a brilliant day, the children and I have learnt plenty and had so much fun in the process.” Year 5 Teacher, Farnborough Primary School (Bromley)

    How I would manage financial things when I am older. I know there’s all different types of taxes now”.  Year 10 Student, Kemnal Technology College (Sidcup)

    “Finance and planning skills”“The students had a great time and learned a lot from the whole experience.   We will be in contact again to book other days as all the teachers said how good you were as well.  It is always a pleasure having you at Kemnal and I look forward to working with you again in the future”.  Teacher, Kemnal Technology College

    “I learnt to share ideas in a group, got to learn my group’s abilities and each members and how to work with limited resources and do a group presentation”.  Year 9 Student, Cumberland School (Newham)

    “Creative, interested and challenged.  Team work helps to see more of individual characters then when the character is working on their own.  Your programme is well thought of and very interesting at this stage of these pupils”.  Teacher, Cumberland School (Newham)

     “I learnt that the role of school council is very important and as a whole we can make the school a much better place.  I experienced working with younger years, making a mission statement and what the importance of the rules are” Year 11 Student, Holy Cross School (New Malden)

    They understand very clearly what is expected of them as a Student Council.  They are enthusiastic and are ready to take on their first project.  We will apply every skill gained from today.  Thank you Usha.  This was a brilliant workshop and was 100% what I had in mind!  I think you were an amazing trainer!”  Teacher, Holy Cross School (New Malden)

    “I experienced a lot of how business works in Partnerships and I learned how problems can cause a few arguments in business.  Even though problems occurred we learned how to overcome them.  I also learnt key business terminology and how to make a Profit and Loss Account in a short space of time”.  BTEC National Student, Coulsdon College (Surrey)

    “Excitement followed by an understanding of the complexities of setting up and running a business.  Friendships and peer groups were developed and will continue.  Business Studies Teacher, Coulsdon College (Surrey)

    “Being put on the spot and having to complete challenges quickly and in timed conditions. Working as a team”.  Exchange Students from India, Bromley High School

    “Learning by doing, being creative, learning practical skills, team work.  Thank you so much for a brilliant day, just what we needed - very well achieved”.  Teacher, Bromley High School

    “I learnt about the different body languages.  I also enhanced my presentation skills.  I have experienced greater self awareness”.  First Year Student, Sir George Monoux 6th Form College

    “I enjoyed being able to create a presentation and being able to present it and having the chance to have feedback”.  Finance Academy Student, Haverstock School

     “Student outcomes - Presentation Skills, creation and delivery, focus on presentation.  Great Trainer.  Many thanks for the training on Tuesday – the feedback from students the next day brilliant! Thanks for the programme, and let’s speak more next term about planning for next year”.  Teacher, Haverstock School

    “What I enjoyed was I learnt a lot of new things and it wasn’t boring.  I had fun whilst learning.  I learnt a lot about money, how to work out tax bills and net pay, VAT, APR, AER”.  Year 9 Student, Bacons College

    They were really involved and seemed to enjoy the day and find it useful. Asked some very good questions and really listened and responded to each other as well as Usha”.  Teacher, Bacons College

    I learnt that you need respect and you need to give respect to people and team members.  I enjoyed making the model and that you always need to work together, always be hard working and never give up”.  Year 9 Student, Archbishop Lanfranc School (Mitcham)

    “Ability to work and co-ordinate with their peers. They seemed to start to understand the implications of buying materials at different costs and learning how to put the project together”.  Teacher, Archbishop Lanfranc School (Mitcham)

     “I learnt more about financial terminologies so I now feel more confident that I will understand more about loans and cards when I get to that stage in my life”.    Year 9 Student, St Martin’s-in-the-Field High School (Tulse Hill)  

    “I do recommend this programme to all pupils who might be entering into the employment world – it would enable them know of their financial responsibilities”.  Teacher, St Martin’s-in-the-Field High School (Tulse Hill)

    “Leadership, teamwork and defiantly improved my public speaking. I really enjoyed managing the team as they were a pleasure to work with.  I would recommend this programme 100% - It really included every one of all types of abilities and skills.” 6th Form Student – Surbiton High School

     “Thanks for such a wonderful programme, all the girls were involved and have achieved a lot from today’s programme and it was all down to the atmosphere that you created.  I was blown over with the ideas that the girls had and I have seen all the girls’ blossom over the last 2 days. The final session was so positive and they all left feeling that they had all learned and achieved something”   Teacher, Surbiton High School

     I enjoyed being able to use my creative side and being able to express my ideas in my own way without being told exactly what I had to do” Year 9 Student – Chingford Foundation School

    “I think this is an excellent programme for year 9 students.  It gave them an opportunity to develop their creative skills.  Activities at the middle of the day were fluent with good results” Teacher, Chingford Foundation School

    “I gained knowledge of business & enterprise, working in groups and also working to a deadline.  I also learnt what business roles there are and what they do and how o be a project leader”

    Year 10 Student, Deptford Green School

     “Great development of skills, leading team work, responsibility, listening, timelines and the ‘real world’ experience.  Also gained enterprise, sales and marketing experience.  Well delivered, entertaining and amusing.  Pupils were engaged and enjoyed the task. Overall was a great day!” Teacher, Deptford Green School

    “I learnt how to work out the financial income, expenditure and how to calculate the net profit.  I enjoyed designing and building the theme park because we all got to put in our own ideas.  I also enjoyed talking to people and working in a team and using different skills." Year 10 Student, Kings School (Peterborough)

     “The students learnt team work skills, responsibility and working to the clock.  They gained a deeper understanding of how business works and seeing the bigger picture.  The Students really enjoyed the day and produced some thoughtful products” Teacher, Kings School (Peterborough)

    “I learnt how important business is in everyday life.  I developed my presentation and communication skills and also gained experience in how to show our product in front of judges.  I also learnt how to deal with pressure - how to manage thinking of an idea and progressing.   I learnt how stressful and difficult delivering business pitches can be” 6th Form Student, Mayflower High School

    “The students gained a good Understanding of business terminology and practical work.  They built their confidence, planning and presentation skills” Teacher, Mayflower High School

    “I learnt how to take my ideas and other people’s ideas and put them together to make them even better.  I enjoyed  learning and working with other people you don’t know very well - learnt this can be fun.  I learnt how to pitch a speech and how important it is to make your work the best it can be” Year 9 Student, Trinity School (Belvedere)

    “It was good to see the students learning together - how to work as a team, communication, listening, thinking creatively, presentation skills and business acumen and shrewd business skills.  Excellent!  All pupils were engaged and had genuine interest. Team work was superb, fabulous energy!” Teacher, Trinity School (Belvedere)



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